Baileys + Raspberry Mallow Hearts

Baileys + Raspberry Mallow Hearts

· By Oonagh Simms

Baileys + Raspberry Mallow Hearts

Every year I assume that my husband and I don’t ‘do’ Valentines Day. Hahahah, It’s a bit naff isn’t it? I scoff. And every year, EVERY year he buys me a super thoughtful and generous gift. And I feel like a total sh*t. A total shi*t who then has to panic buy overpriced prawns on the way home from the bakery to look as though I hadn’t ‘forgotten’ we actually do ‘do’ Valentine’s day. Eeeks. Surprise! It was always my intention for us to have a romantic dinner. With champagne. *scribbles on back of hand* do NOT forget champagne.

But when the lovely folk at Baileys asked me to whip up a V- Day sweet treat that could be served alongside a glass of Baileys… A totally decadent, little addition to the end of a meal I realised that I had it in me all along...

I would MAKE the present of course! 

Now if you don't have your own bakery I get that this takes some planning, you’ll need to pop out and get the ingredients it also takes a little bit of effort, but most of  the best pressies do. If you make someone these mallow hearts as a treat I guarantee they will love them AND you for even bothering. They are also perfect wrapped up and given to pals for birthday gifts, baby showers, wedding favours. Any occasion where you need to share a little love without having to do a mad trolley dash around Morrisons the night before.

So now I can’t wait for this Valentine’s Day. Christmas is always so frantic, January feels long and sluggish. I’m ready to put aside one evening to share love, show effort and give appreciation to my relationship. And so what if it is a tiny bit naff if you get to have champagne? 

This recipe uses ruby chocolate- not only is the colour stunning but tastes so zesty and fruity! If you can’t find ruby chocolate then you can use a good quality dark. 

Bailey’s + Raspberry  Marshmallow Hearts 


25cm square baking tin heavy-based saucepan

heart shaped cookie cutter 

sugar thermometer

stand mixer

spatula sieve

flavourless vegetable oil for the tin


Ingredients (makes 20 large heart shaped marshmallows)

300g Ruby or Dark Chocolate

27g (13 sheets) gold leaf gelatine 

300g granulated sugar

240g glucose

100ml Raspberry Purée

90ml Bailey’s 

250g icing sugar mixed with 250g cornflour (confectioners mix)

Makes 20 large heart shaped marshmallows


1. Line a 25cm square baking tin with cling film and use the oil to coat the film. In a microwaveable bowl, soak the gelatine in 300ml of cold water for 5 minutes. Wring out the gelatine gently to remove excess water (pour away any remaining water in the bowl). Return the gelatine to the bowl and heat in a microwave for about 1 minute, or until completely melted, but keep an eye on it and do not let it boil or it will lose its setting properties.

2.Put all the granulated sugar, 120ml of the glucose and 100ml of the Raspberry purée into a heavy-based saucepan and place over a medium heat. Using a sugar thermometer in the saucepan, bring the mixture up to 112°C, stirring occasionally so it does not catch on the pan. Meanwhile, pour the remaining 90ml of Bailey’s Choco Luxe and 120g of glucose into the bowl of a stand mixer and gently whisk together on a very low speed.

3 When the mixture in the saucepan has reached 112°C, slowly pour the hot liquid in a slow, steady stream into the mixer, still running at a very low speed. Add the melted gelatine, then increase the speed to medium and whisk for 7 minutes. The marshmallow mixture will begin to firm up. Then whisk on a high speed for 4 minutes. 

4 Once the marshmallow mix has tripled in volume and drops slowly of the whisk in thick ribbons, pour it into the prepared tin and smooth the top with a spatula. Dust the top of the mallows with some of the prepared sugar / cornflour mix, and leave to set at room temperature for 6 hours (or, even better, overnight) before cutting.

5 Dust a work surface with a thick layer of confectioners mix. Carefully tip the set marshmallow slab out of the tin, using the corners of the cling film to give you some lift. Using a heart shaped cutter, stamp out 20 hearts. 

6 Toss the heart mallows into the bowl of confectioners mix and fully coat. Put them in a sieve and gently shake of any excess coating. They are now ready to be decorated ( or will keep in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 weeks.) 

To finish: 

Place the rose petals, dried raspberry pieces, toasted almonds into separate bowls. Roughly chop the ruby chocolate and place into a microwaveable bowl and heat on a medium power in short bursts of 10 seconds. Take the chocolate out and stir before heating again. Repeat until all the chocolate is smooth and velvety. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and dip the hearts into the chocolate and decorate with the rose petals, raspberry pieces and almonds. Place on the paper and leave to set at room temperature.

These are beautiful with late night cocktails, to posh up a glass of fizz or melted on  the top of a hot chocolate. 










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  • Love your work I was wondering if you have a sugar free recipie I have allolose sugar which is apparently is as near to regular sugar. I have tried other recipies and when set the texture is still very wet to taste not spongy at all xx would love you make the heArts for my partner on Valentine day x but sugar free . Thank you in advance x

    Jenny on

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