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The Marshmallowist was the first producer of gourmet marshmallows in the UK. Using premium ingredients - only whole fresh fruits, organic herbs & spices and boutique alcohol - The Marshmallowist combine classic confectionery with unexpected flavours. Like Passionfruit & Ginger or the one everyone is talking about Cannabis, Grapefruit & Pink Peppercorn. 
Having trained as a chocolatier in Paris but starting her business on a Portobello Road Market stall, Oonagh Simms creates Marshmallows with a French soufflé-like texture and a signature London edge.  With a flair for the adventurous and a taste for success Oonagh now sells her marshmallows to some of Europe’s fanciest stores. 
The Marshmallowist’s bold design and unique luxury packaging has received worldwide acclaim featuring in Vogue, Wallpaper Magazine and The Times. Oonagh’s first recipe book ‘The Marshmallowist’ was published by Penguin Random House in July 2016. You can pick up your own signed copy here.
The Marshmallowist is now headed up by Oonagh and her sister Jenny. Oonagh whipping up her creations in the kitchen and Jenny doing all the bits that Oonagh doesn't want to- well, that's the point of sisters, right? Both are committed to discovering new trends and making ethical choices. And they have an exciting year ahead; with even more stockists, inspirational new flavours and bringing the Marshmallowist to Europe and beyond. 
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“As The Marshmallowist I like to do things a little differently - with unique combinations and a bright, fresh twist”Oonagh xx