“As The Marshmallowist I like to do things a little differently - with unique combinations and a bright, fresh twist”




Why I made a Bloody Mary Marshmallow

I know why I fell in love with the Bloody Mary; it got me when I was vulnerable. In fact, it always gets me when I’m vulnerable. Fuzzy headed, dry mouthed and unsure of what I like or want. For a while I questioned if I actually really liked ‘Marys or if it was just circumstance- but nope, she’s a keeper. 

Ooh, that looks new!

Yup, our luxe new packaging has arrived and we couldn’t be more in love. It’s gold, for starters. Lovely shimmery gold. And as well as an update on the outside we’ve tweaked our signature recipe. Phew! We’ve been busy.

How to launch a Food Start Up

I genuinely believe that you should only think about launching a food brand if that product is your passion. Something you are evangelical about- it really saddens me to see cynical marketing or piggy backing on ‘trends’. Create a product from desire, curiosity and never stop wanting to innovate, create and push yourself.