as the marshmallowist, I like to do things a little differently - I handcraft soufflé marshmallows from fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohol.
oonagh xx


We work with you to create bespoke marshmallow centrepieces or personalised favour boxes that match the style and individuality of your big day.

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your brand

We create bespoke flavours and branding that matches both your campaign and budget. From signature treats to unique outdoor toasting experiences- we're the UK's leading Marshmallow brand.

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recipe- raspberry & champagne ice pops

What’s cooler than being cool?
My fresh Raspberry and Champagne ice pops.-that’s what.
When it's too hot to be cooking and you're too lethargic to even nip out to the shops then let me introduce you to a grown up cool- me -down based on our bestselling flavour.

why vanilla shouldn't be embarrassing

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done? You know the creeping hot sweat, bum clench embarrassment that make you freeze when walking down the street or shudder quietly in the shower. I often get caught up in a spiral of rumination remembering incidents from primary school assemblies or mistaken identities to every night out ever. Urgh.

the shop around the corner

I spent many years working in shops. And I love them. I love creative window displays, chatting to customers, satisfying piles of folded jumpers, a finger spaced rail and that specific type of boredom you have when things are really, really quiet.