We work with you to create bespoke marshmallow centrepieces or personalised favour boxes that match the style and individuality of your big day.

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We create bespoke flavours and branding that matches both your campaign and budget. From signature treats to unique outdoor toasting experiences- we're the UK's leading Marshmallow brand.

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Interview with Chef Works

I'm lucky that our bakery is next-door to the Chef Works HQ so they popped in for the morning to deliver my new jackets and have a chat about everything from my favourite cook book to being sacked...

Teacake menu

Our new collection of marshmallowist teacakes offers 4 gourmet teacakes in a stunning gift box. this selection of sensory teasing flavours with extravagant flourishes will bring the fun and thrills to any teatime. they are the perfect selection for cheering up a...

Wimbledon teacakes

July seems to be gifting us the perfect ‘staying indoors and watch sport on the telly’ weather. So thank goodness we've whipped up the perfect 'sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea' treat. We don't normally do 'themed' products. Although I'm not sure why as every time we do we LOVE them and you go nuts for them. And this year's 'smash' hit is...our 'Wimbledon Teacake’