as the marshmallowist, I like to do things a little differently - I handcraft soufflé marshmallows from fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohol.
oonagh xx

the marshmallowist story

The Marshmallowist was the first producer of gourmet marshmallows in the UK. Using premium ingredients - only whole fresh fruits, organic herbs & spices and boutique alcohol - The Marshmallowist combine classic confectionery with unexpected flavours.


We work with you to create bespoke marshmallow centrepieces or personalised favour boxes that match the style and individuality of your big day.

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your brand

We create bespoke flavours and branding that matches both your campaign and budget. From signature treats to unique outdoor toasting experiences- we're the UK's leading Marshmallow brand.

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Tea and chat with Adélaïde Aronio

I’ve collaborated with my friend, the artist Adelaide Aronio to create a limited edition series of one-of a kind boxes for our hot chocolate and toasting kits this Christmas. So, If you’re the sort of person that likes listening in on other people nattering in the pub then draw a bit closer because I recorded our chat just for you…

The Marshmallowist x Adélaïde Aronio

It was when I was living in Paris that I met my best friend Sixtine. She was completely Parisian in every way- from her swooshy slightly disheveled honey blonde hair; to her designer clothes to her 20 a day habit. We met whilst we were both worked for fancy European clothing brands in an equally fancy department store. We would take cigarette breaks together and swop discounts. She would take me on wild nights out and I completely adored how passionate and loud and intense she was. 

Bailey's Bonfire S'more Recipe

When Baileys asked me to collaborate on whipping them up a bonfire night recipe I was all in. November 5th is calling out for toasted marshmallows with a fire cracking flair. This isn’t just marshmallows for soaking up the last embers of the bonfire - this recipe is the Catherine wheel, the glitter flair and the rockets too. My most show-stopping S'more recipe to date.