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Don't Drink Gin All Day...

This time 6 years ago it was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. You may remember it… it rained, there were boats. Anyway, to mark the occasion I created my Blueberry & Gin marshmallow for a party. The flavour was whipped up as a celebration of Britishness, nostalgia. A dewy hedgerows and gin- in- teacups- kind of thing ( I’d just moved back from Paris so that didn’t seem so Brexit-ty then)

So, John Lewis emailed back....

 So, John Lewis emailed back.

“oh my god, I can’t look, I can’t look”

That’s the problem when you have one of those dream boards and at the top of it is John Lewis circled and underlined in different coloured pens. When you finally get an email from them it all gets a bit much.

“They love the marshmallows” 

I can’t BREATHE at this point. 

Why I made a Bloody Mary Marshmallow

I know why I fell in love with the Bloody Mary; it got me when I was vulnerable. In fact, it always gets me when I’m vulnerable. Fuzzy headed, dry mouthed and unsure of what I like or want. For a while I questioned if I actually really liked ‘Marys or if it was just circumstance- but nope, she’s a keeper.