We work with you to create bespoke marshmallow centrepieces or personalised favour boxes that match the style and individuality of your big day.

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We create bespoke flavours and branding that matches both your campaign and budget. From signature treats to unique outdoor toasting experiences- we're the UK's leading Marshmallow brand.

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Good food shouldn't be a choice

I think it would be hard to work in the food industry this week without constantly thinking of those pictures of meagre food parcels being handed out instead of free school meals.

Recipe-Millionaire Marshmallows

If I was an *actual* millionaire these are the things I would do: Wear fancy pyjamas all day including to the shops and when eating dinner. Drink a glass of champagne at breakfast. Have a daytime bath. Gift extravagantly. Get someone else to do the washing up. Graze on small yet extravagant canapés

Why I’m all in on Black Friday

I know discount culture is not making life better. Making decisions about what you’re going to buy and which type of companies you’re going to support with your money and purchases is something we all want to strive towards. And if this year has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t actually need much stuff. All our worlds have become much smaller.