as the marshmallowist, I like to do things a little differently - I handcraft soufflé marshmallows from fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohol.
oonagh xx

the marshmallowist story

The Marshmallowist was the first producer of gourmet marshmallows in the UK. Using premium ingredients - only whole fresh fruits, organic herbs & spices and boutique alcohol - The Marshmallowist combine classic confectionery with unexpected flavours.


We work with you to create bespoke marshmallow centrepieces or personalised favour boxes that match the style and individuality of your big day.

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your brand

We create bespoke flavours and branding that matches both your campaign and budget. From signature treats to unique outdoor toasting experiences- we're the UK's leading Marshmallow brand.

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I’m here. Keeping going. Sending out marshmallows...

So, if I’m perfectly honest with myself things haven’t felt ‘right’ for a while.  Politically, socially, you know, the big picture things. We all kept on acting up, eating out, buying the unnecessary. But, really, there was a niggle wasn’t there. A little ‘Is this ok?’ niggle. The Brexit divide that dragged on and was used as a quick way to shrug off problems seemed only symptomatic of more fundamental issues- from globalization, racism, economic insecurity, the climate crisis- it was all there. Simmering. 

Big Thinkers, Go Getters, Rule Breakers for IWD20

We like to mark International Women’s Day by celebrating women’s achievements, asking what can be done to further gender equality… and making lists. Because, you know how much women love lists, right?

So here are 5 women who we’re calling our Big Thinkers, Go Getters and our Rule Breakers. The women we’ve read or listened to this year who’ve inspired us and- in some way- changed the conversation.

DIY S’mores Grazing Platter

Handily, grazing tables are the new big trend- it’s an American thing that’s drifted over here on the winds of Pintrest. Normally they are filled with cured meats, cheeses, olives, fresh bread, crudités and dried fruits. A colourful feast to relax into. An epic spread that forms the centerpiece to your event. But… to give it a Marshmallowist twist…what if… all of that was sweet? And what if…all the sweet things on the table could be eaten on their own OR brought together to make the most gorgeous S’mores?