our culture


As a progressive food company, we want to our business to operate in a meaningful and sustainable way. This means looking at both the social and environmental impact of what we do- from our sourcing of all natural ingredients to the training and welfare of our staff.


It was through careful sourcing and thoughtful provenance that we first created our marshmallow recipe. These values are still adhered to at every level of our production.

Our fruit is sourced from a Soil Association and Fairtrade Foundation provider.

Our sugar is British Fair Trade Sugar 

All the herbs used in our marshmallows are from a Soil Association supplier and are certified Organic.

We never use colourings or flavourings in our marshmallows ( natural or otherwise) the colours you see are from fruit. 

Our marshmallows are crafted using premium Fish gelatine ensuring they are pescatarian as well as Kosher and Halal friendly- we are the only marshmallow company in the UK to do this.

Our marshmallows are gluten and dairy free.

Our chocolate is handmade in the UK with beans sustainably sourced from the International Cocoa Initiative in West Africa. Our chocolate supplier also invests in specific projects for the cocoa farmers. We only ever use chocolate that is palm oil free.


We promote a sense of responsibility for the environment in everything we do from production, retail and all our event sites.

All our packaging is produced in the UK by a company who specialise in sustainable packaging. We only ever print using environmentally sound materials and methods.

We only ever use FSC certified cardboard and paper products within our packaging and serving materials. The paper and card is made from using wood that comes from FSC certified forests, or from recycled materials. 

All the clear wrapping of our marshmallows is made from biodegradable environmentally-friendly polymer- no plastic! 

Our toasting sticks are made from non-treated bamboo which means that, even though disposable, they are easily re-cycled and aren’t toxic when broken down.

Our aim is to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill, and into recycling facilities instead. All of the waste from our production kitchen is processed by B&M waste management- a carbon neutral company that work to reduce the negative environmental impacts of waste.

All of our unsold or unused food produce goes directly to the Real Junk Food Project- an organisation that uses food that would otherwise have been discarded to produce meals and food boxes that are sold on a "pay as you feel" basis to the local community.


Our bakery is accredited with the highest level of food hygiene- we were awarded a 5 out of 5 from our Local Authority (Leeds) 

All our team are trained in food safety and food hygiene (as well as being incredibly creative in the kitchen) they don't cut corners. We maintain strict hygiene procedures in production and adhere to a rigorous HACCP plan.


People are at the core of what we do. Our Marshmallowists are part of a nurturing and positive working culture.

We're committed to being a living wage employer and pay the living wage to our team at all of our event sites.

As a female run business, we actively promote the progression and up skilling of women at every level of our business.

Every year we give a charitable donation of our sales to a different women’s charity.