what are your marshmallows made from? 

Fruit, sugar, organic herbs and spices and set using fish gelatine. We moved to fish gelatine in 2017 so we could be more inclusive. Our marshmallows are egg free, dairy free, gluten free and fat free. We're still working hard on a vegetarian version that has the same soufflé light texture. You can find the full nutritional information for each flavour in our shop.

how should i store them? 

We recommend storing them in a cool, dark environment and at max temp. 21c.They’re a little delicate though so don’t pop them next to any strong flavours. If you have bought a range of flavours we recommend storing them separately as marshmallows are soft and porous and the flavours can sometimes mix together.

how long will they keep?

Our marshmallows have at least a 2 month shelf life upon delivery.  If you need more - please do drop us a line and we will help you out!

what? I thought it was less than that.

We’ve recently updated our recipe and worked with a wonderful team of food specialists in Oxfordshire to get our shelf life to be a little longer. We’ve done this without having to use any additives - nothing that would compromise our unique flavours or commitment to real fruit and organic herbs.

what size are your marshmallows?

Our mallows are a lil' bit larger than you might be used to. Ours are 3.75.cm cubed and can be eaten in 3 delcious bites

hold on, didn’t your marshmallows used to be bigger?

Yup, they were. And we still love our signature large marshmallows but when it comes to popping 6 of them in a box a lot of our lovely mallow customers felt like it was just a little too much. We still sell the signature large ones as single serves for deli counters and at our toasting marshmallow events.

how does delivery work?

For our online shop we whip up our marshmallows fresh at the start of each week and aim to get them to you within 2-3 working days of your order. if you would like them on a specific you can select your date on the shop calendar. We can’t guarantee Saturday deliveries I’m afraid.

It sometimes takes longer for our mallows to get to parts of Scotland and Ireland. if you need them for a specific day, make sure you let us know so we have enough time.  

We now also ship to Europe. Please select European shipping when you check out and expect your delivery within 7-10 working days. We’re also building up some European stockists too- you can check our stockists page here.

We don't currently ship to the USA - it's too expensive for both us and you. But we're working on it and we hope to have American stockists in place by the end of 2019.