Bonfire Night S'mores.

Bonfire Night S'mores.

· By Oonagh Simms

Bonfire Night S'mores.

Looking to wow with the best ( and messiest!)  DIY dessert around? Our gourmet s'more kit gives you everything you need to create our signature s'more recipe at home. 

I plan Bonfire Night like other people plan birthdays or Christmas. From mittens, lined boots, sparklers, toffee apples, flasks of spiced rum- to the exhilaration of skipping down gloomy streets leading to fizzing  firework displays. This is hands down the best treat to end the night. 

This isn’t just marshmallows for soaking up the last embers of the bonfire - this recipe is the Catherine wheel, the glitter flair and the rockets too. My most show-stopping S'more to date.

The Bonfire S’more

With our kit you can pick your favourite flavours of marshmallow. I LOVE the chocolate and the toasted coconut for this recipe. 

To Assemble

Place your chocolate and biscuits  onto a serving  board. Toast your marshmallow over a bonfire/flame/ hob and squish on to one of your biscuits, place a shard of chocolate on top and sandwich it with a final biscuit.

For an extra flourish top with a sprinkling of nuts or biscuit crumbs for added crunch. For parties why not try sprinkles or popping candy and for winter a mini sparkler lightens the mood before handing to your guests!

Don't forget the napkins! 



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