Cheery Designs for Rainy Days

Cheery Designs for Rainy Days

· By Oonagh Simms

Cheery Designs for Rainy Days

Urgh, I feel like it’s never going to stop raining. It’s just feels damp and wet leafy every day at the moment. Most years I’m quite excited about the weather turning back to schooley but this year feels a bit different. I’m not sure I’m ready for it. I had a beautiful long summer and suddenly everything now feels very serious and gloomy and, well, wet. And it’s probably why I’ve been seeking out some bright pops of colour to flippin well cheer me up. We’ve just had some gorgeous new packaging printed for two new flavours that we’re launching next week. Initially, they were intended to be autumn/ winter flavours but they’re too delicious for that so I’m bringing them in as permanent additions. You will also see that I have selected WILDLY inappropriate colour choices for both. They are neon. And they are Pastel. And they are Glorious. And in my inspo research for colours, prints and all things shiny I latched on to some beautifully designed products that I thought I would share with you. Because they’re far too nice to keep to myself. Some are on my desk with me now, some I’ve only seen on Instagram. They’re bright. They’re bold. They’re beautiful. And they’re all making these rainy days a little bouncier.

Drunk Elephant

I was gifted this at the start of the summer and I just love it. The packaging is just so beautiful I can’t bear to throw it away so the little serums sit by sink and the box sits on my bathroom shelf being all ostentatious and fun. Its clashing patterns and holographic foil don’t make it look like a serious cosmetic- and yet it is. It’s very serious. And that’s why I love it- the little sneak. 


Lucy Ketchin for Northern Monk

Quirky, playful, and satisfyingly un-masculine. This beer can series was designed by Leeds based illustrator Lucy Ketchin. I haven’t tried the beer- although I’m sure it’s delicious as I’ve not had a Northern Monk beer that isn’t- but I am head over heels for this artwork and concept. 



The Wern 52 PR Tips

These cards have had a permanent place on my work desk since they arrived in June and every day I fall a little bit more in love with them. The combined super talents of graphic designer and branding expert Hadrien Chatelet and PR superstar Lucy Werner who together make up The Wern ( our fabulous PR agency) each card contains a PR goal for the week. They come in the most beautiful of envelope boxes with a bold brush stroke design that brims with positivity and enthusiasm. Just like them.

Our Gift Cards 

Yeah, I’m choosing my own product here but that’s because this little card genuinely does make me very happy. We designed them ourselves with little messages of love to our customers. Gold foiled on G.F Smith Colorplan paper we pop a free card in with every single order. I had the 'you're pretty great' one framed to give me a little daily affirmative boost. I also love how many customers have sent us messages telling me that it cheered them up too and pics of them pinned to mirrors, fridges and work desks. Ta very much guys. 

Hand Painted Wallet

I love staying at the Hoxton Hotel but did you know they have a shop too? I was having a little nosy at it, as I fancied a bar of their ‘Blank’ soap- a minimally packaged soap with a wonderfully direct design. Then I stumbled across....what? oh my goodness these are too much... and I just had to buy one because LOOK….these are Lillian Farag hand-painted leather wallets. Wow. Each one is handcrafted in her Brooklyn studio, so that no two are the same. Beautiful, whimsical, unique. And it was these lovely wallets that gave me the inspiration for our next packaging project- which is beyond exciting- but more on that coming soon....

I hope these cheer you up as much as they do me.


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