DIY S’mores Grazing Platter

DIY S’mores Grazing Platter

· By Oonagh Simms

DIY S’mores Grazing Platter

Every so often a trend comes along that I can really get on board with. Like everyone wearing Stan Smith trainers instead of heels on a night out. OR when we all became slightly obsessed with houseplants. And now… grazing tables. I bloody love a grazing table. It’s a bit like a buffet but, also, not. It’s decadent, lush, abundant, fresh, tasty little bits of mmmm. It’s almost exactly what I want to eat all the time. If I was a Mariah level of celebrity I would ask for every room I entered to have a grazing table (and to be filled with puppies) 

Handily, grazing tables are the new big trend- it’s an American thing that’s drifted over here on the winds of Pintrest. Normally they are filled with cured meats, cheeses, olives, fresh bread, crudités and dried fruits. A colourful feast to relax into. An epic spread that forms the centrepiece to your event. But… to give it a Marshmallowist twist…what if… all of that was sweet? And what if…all the sweet things on the table could be eaten on their own OR brought together to make the most gorgeous S’mores? Well, I’ve just jumped ahead and done that for you. I’ve created the most luxe way to eat S’mores and now I’m going to chat you through how you can do it too. From gourmet marshmallows to pots of salted caramel, shards of chocolate, handmade cinnamon graham crackers and- of course- an abundance of fresh fruit and nuts.



Place your board on the flat surface or table you want to serve from. If you want to produce something truly show stopping (that’s easy to clean away) then roll out a length of brown greaseproof paper and use a small strip of masking tape to attach it to your table.


If you’re creating a S’mores board then the marshmallows really need to be the focus. I’ve used 4 different flavours here for variety of colour and taste. Pop the mallows in small stacks across your board.



Prepare a selection of seasonal fruits. Now, I’m not going to be too prescriptive here but you generally want to have fruit that can be eaten easily by hand ( no stones or pips) I’ve chopped the fruit into halves and slices then used the smaller fruit slices to edge the corners of the board and the larger pieces to draw the eye.

Place pots of dipping chocolate at either side of the board for easy access. You don’t want to be scrambling over chocolate so I would recommend smaller pots and more of them. You can make your own dipping chocolate by:

  • melting 50g of dark or white chocolate over a Bain Marie. 
  • Heat 125ml double cream and 25g butter in a small saucepan until evenly combined. Remove from the heat and stir through the melted chocolate.
I would recommend serving this slightly warm.



Fill the remaining gaps with spikes of chocolate shards and close stacks of graham crackers or biscuits. I would recommend a thin crisp biscuit here. They let the marshmallow remain the star and are also handy for snapping off a little corner for a dip in the chocolate or a nibble. 


Now, frame your board using foliage- fresh eucalyptus looks beautiful, bold palms look incredible AND on trend.


We serve this with indoor braziers- you can pop the lid off them and use inside. But you can have this near a roaring firepit or bbq.Then get creative- dip the fruit into the melted chocolate, snap off a few biscuits, and toast marshmallows until they’re burnt and gooey. Get messy, be relaxed and indulge because this table is as a beautiful to look at, as it is to eat!





And that’s it- look at you being all trendy! You can order one of your own S’mores boards here or…we’ve teamed up with Mirabeau wine for you to win a Magnum of Provence Rosé and a S’mores board for you next party- just pop over to our instagram to find out more.








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