Great Taste Awards

Great Taste Awards

· By Oonagh Simms

Great Taste Awards

There’s always something a bit uurrrgghh about entering awards for your products. I mean, you make them, you know they’re amazing so in that sense it’s a bit, well, braggy. But then what if the judges don’t like them? You’ve hustled them up in front of everyone like a pushy stage mom only for them to win nothing. It gives me sleepless nights.

Which is why I don’t enter many awards.

But Great Taste is a bit different. Those shiny stickers wink at you from the shelf- you can trust me, I taste GREAT. They feel too important to ignore. It’s the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. Your product is put in front of a panel of experts (chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers) for honest, straightforward and impartial feedback. And if it’s good enough ( gulp!) you win a star.

And guess what? We did.

I entered my Cannabis and Pink Grapefruit marshmallows. Because I know they taste great. But, let’s be honest, you’re a bit unsure aren’t you? They sound weird. Like something you maybe fancy ‘trying’ but not ‘devouring’. And I needed a little bit of validation for my CBD marshmallows. I needed to be that pushy pageant mum for their sake.

The awards were announced this week. The comments came back and my star is here glimmering from my certificate. The judges LOVED them. So don’t take my word for it. Take theirs….

'Pop it in your mouth and it just melts - it's almost like a whipped mousse with subtle pink grapefruit tones and pops of pink peppercorn that just lift it to another level. Beautifully crafted and well-balanced'

'The flavours are intense and fresh tasting'

'These have a great citrus flavour from the pink grapefruit. A tasty product!’

So, there you have it. Our Great Taste Award Winning Marshmallows. Our star stickers are winging their way to us now and I’m over the moon- those gorgeous little marshmallows have really made my week!


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