Let it S'more

Let it S'more

· By Oonagh Simms

Let it S'more

I’ve never really fancied Skiing. It looks cold. Hard work. Not kind to the knees. Apres Ski, however, much more my vibe. Melted cheese, hot chocolates, mulled wine, cosy fire pits. So when our favourite shopping centre in Leeds, Trinity, asked us to join them for their Apres Ski themed weekends throughout December we were first to the bottom of the slope. Or something like that. To keep the fun vibes buzzing through Trinity they created a neon lit Christmas scape with DJs, giveaways and they wanted us to whip up something a little special to serve to those party loving shoppers! 


The brief was clear…they wanted our S’mores but it had to be easy to eat on a ski- lift! Well we love a challenge and we know that however delicious our signature s’mores are…they can get sticky. 

So we created the S'mores Pot. 


A gooey, cake-ey melted chocolate, biscuit crumble, toasted Mallow topped creation. And wow was it delicious. We served up thousands of them to hungry Apres Skiers over the December.


With a ‘toppings bar’ selection of goodies ranging from delectable chocolate shards and honeycomb to the unexpected ‘bacon crumble’ and roasted parsnip crisps! 


Apres ski has never been S’more fun! 






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