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Banging house music, velvet sofas, bare brick walls, gooseberry gin, scoops of vegan ice cream, flashes of neon AND toasted marshmallows. This was a living room party that set the bar high. Thrown by in their northern showroom and hosted by the game changing No House Rules team this bash was to show off how to style your space and showcase why furniture should be for enjoying, not keeping for best.


There was dancing, there was sweet stuff and there were more cocktails than you can shake a standing lamp at. 

As the name suggests, No House Rules parties are about Interior style that is moody, eclectic, clashes and is there to be seen AND heard. Bloggers, grammers, stylists and designers came together to celebrate northern brands and sass.

I am borderline obsessed with interiors at the moment, everything is so beautifully thought through and playfully curated. Their Redbrick Mill showroom has stunning inky dark walls that made our signage really ‘pop’ and has also given me some inspiration for my new kitchen planning- (if you're interested, I'm thinking black and gold, hint of marble and softening touches of green and stripped oak.)  I came away from the night with my head spinning from gin and ideas.

We served up our signature fruit marshmallows- but, as ever, we like to show off. So using our chef’s torches - we toasted our mallows to order, creating gooey treats with more than a little drama thrown in.

This night was meant for indulgence so we whipped up a few different sizes of mallow but it was our “small bites” that proved the most popular. More flavours to try and the perfect sized morsel to pop straight in your mouth. Our new Easter inspired mallows caused the biggest queues (particularly our new Dark Cocoa one) when this is toasted it melts into a light whip of chocolate mousse- irresistible and gone in minutes. You can taste them as part of our Easter Party Box.


If you’ve ever found yourself at a Northern club night you’ll know the loos are the place to be. Gossiping, swapping makeup, fixing up and spilling out. Well, turns out the living room is the new Northern hot spot and we can’t wait to recreate this set up again soon- our shimmering neons and gold cake stands making it effortless to spin some glam into the domestic. So if you’re planning a do why not drop us a line and see how we can make it a little more showey offey?

We teamed up with these fabulous food and drink brands for the night: 

Northern Bloc

Slingsby Gin

Mirabeau Wine

Temple Doughnuts

The fun and style was captured by our favourite snapper @korm87 (who's a dream guest at any house party) and we blagged our way in to the bash via No House Rules 


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