making sustainability more squishy

making sustainability more squishy

· By Oonagh Simms

making sustainability more squishy

Having a sustainable company means everything to us- but this means all aspects of sustainability… The social problems associated with the food industry are pretty well known…So I feel that if I’m going to have a food company it can’t add to these problems. That doesn’t mean just sourcing ethical ingredients but wider considerations too.

Environmentally, all our packaging is produced in the UK by a company who specialise in sustainable packaging. Those clear bags are mallows come in? They’re actually compostable. We only ever print using environmentally sound materials and methods. That means  all the paper and card we use is from wood that comes from FSC certified forests, or from recycled fact, the paper sleeves for our kits boxes is made purely  from recycled coffee cups. 

Chocolate- we spent a long time deciding which chocolate to use for our delicious teacakes and wanted to find the one that not only has incredible sustainability and environmental credentials  but is actively working to transform the industry- ta-dah… Veliche chocolate are our dream…with all their cocoa planted under agroforestry systems and their work in off-farm diversification for financial, social and environmental benefits. Veliche  have a tailored entrepreneurial programme specifically for women in farming and their chocolate is also fit- rich, dark and with slight fruity notes. All in all, the perfect match for us! 

All of our unsold or unused food produce goes directly to ‘Re-think Food’— a local charity that uses food that would otherwise have been discarded to produce meals and food donations to schools. We know We’re not perfect but we do want our mallows to make the Earth a bit better- Happy Earth Week xx


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