Tea and chat with Adélaïde Aronio

Tea and chat with Adélaïde Aronio

· By Oonagh Simms

Tea and chat with Adélaïde Aronio

I’ve collaborated with my friend, the artist Adélaïde Aronio to create a limited edition series of one-of a kind boxes for our hot chocolate and toasting experiences this Christmas. We worked with the London printer F.E Burman on transforming the initial illustration-  a stunningly detailed monochrome line drawing- through  their HP Mosaic programme. The same technique has been pioneered by Coca Cola who produced a million one off bottles a couple of years back. We wanted to do the same but make it a bit more boutiquey…we’re the first UK confectionery brand to do this and you can read a bit more about the inspiration behind the process here. 

But as Adélaïde and I are mates and her art is bloody amazing I thought it would be fun to sit down and have a chat about all the things I’ve ever wanted to ask her.  We chatted through her work and her inspirations- you know the stuff that would feel a bit, well, weird to do normally. I knew as soon as we spoke to the printers about this project that she was the person I wanted to work with on this. But until we started I hadn’t really realised before just how perfectly our two processes matched. 

If you’re the sort of person that likes listening in on other people nattering in the pub then draw a bit closer because I recorded our chat just for you…


Me: Hey love, so what I adore about your work is how incredibly creative yet very detailed, meticulous and measured it is at the same time- how did you discover this style? 

AA: Thanks! But, I’ve no idea how! I guess it just came naturally and it can be seen as a kind of therapy to draw and paint so many little details. It’s just something I need to do, as others need to do sport- I need this.

Me: It’s so funny you should say that. Making marshmallows is exactly the same. I’ve always loved science and so the boiling the syrup, monitoring the temperature and modifying the whipping speed – are what really enticed me. The concentration. But I love that the end results are really playful. 

Me: So, we know each other originally from Paris because my best friend sixtine is your sister- what’s now brought you to London? 

AA: I grew up in Paris but lived the last ten years in Buenos Aires, where I met my Chilean husband who brought me to London. 

Me: I’m so glad you’re here now but do you think London has changed your style?

AA: I think a little bit yes! I don’t know if it is London or the change of pace in my life, or maybe both. 

Me: Same, yes, It’s so hard to route it in the geography or just the circumstantial changes to your life but I find my environment affects my approach to even the smallest of tasks. 

AA:  Yes, I’m actually finding myself in need of a, sort of, renew. So I have started to paint totally differently… have you seen my insta page recently? I’ve just opened this new one for the new style: @paint_ingreen. I didn’t want to mess up my feed with the new stuff- I’m not abandoning my geometric obsessive style but I didn’t want to mix the two styles… for now.

Me: pouring over insta- 

Argh I love it- you’re right, so different- still complex but more.. ‘freeer’, I don’t know.. is that clichéd? I didn’t say wild…ha!  


So obviously I’ve nabbed you on your way up but the scale of your work has been really impressive and you’ve created some amazing pieces- What’s been your favourite  commission or piece of work?

AA:I don’t know if I have favourite…

Me: Sorry, is that like asking you to call out your favourite child? I have a favourite  marshmallow, if that helps? I know you’re not meant to but…nah. I have my favourite! 

AA: Ha! I think rather than the outcome it’s the input that’s enjoyable so I really loved painting my first facade in Buenos Aires, and then when I was invited to a festival of Street Art, Colour BA, it was a great experience to paint with so many people watching!

Me: And, so we can stop chatting shop, my last question is….If you could collaborate with any other brand who would it be?

AA: Ahhh, I’m really glad to have been able to collaborate with you! I would love to collaborate with others brands. I guess I could say with a brand like Monoprix, they do a lot of collaborations, and what I like about their collaboration’s collections is that it goes from textile for women/men/children to interior decoration like plates, cushions covers, stationery, and lots more of other really unique stuff. So working with them seems like a great opportunity to create across different platforms. Oh and I would love one day to design a carré for Hermès- you know, the dream. 

Me: Oh my god I would buy that… well, I’d try and get you to sling me a freebie but, the intention would be there…! Thanks so much my love, I can’t wait to see our boxes on the shelves. 





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