4th of July S'mores

4th of July S'mores

We still like America, right? Despite the Trump stuff. Actually, maybe because of the Trump stuff we need to send them a bit more love. So happy 4th of July Americans. Here’s my Englishy/ Frenchy twist on the All American S’more…because, you know, immigration is a good thing.

Unlike the pink and white sugary fodder our marshmallows have a high fruit content so they don’t burn- they melt.The heat draws out the fruit so the flavours are amplified and they have a caramelised, almost crème brûllée finish.

Gather your pals around a campfire, or the embers of a BBQ and toast mallows until you see that tantalising drip. Get yourself some shards of cracked chocolate and fine crisp biscuits too and you’re on your way to creating a squidgy showstopper- the perfect end to a summer meal.  

My Ultimate S’more       

Take a shard of either White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.

Place on top of a thin biscuit. (I love the warming spice of a ginger biscuit)  

Smooch a toasted marshmallow over the chocolate. The Raspberry + Champagne are dreamy when toasted.  


The chocolate will begin to melt under the heat of the mallow. Sandwich another biscuit on top to create your S’more. Then get creative- I sprinkle chopped nuts, dried rose petals or honeycomb on mine. You can drizzle with a salted caramel or a hibiscus syrup. Hell, just do your own thing- celebrate that Independence.



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