It’s home alone season!

It’s home alone season!

· By Oonagh Simms

It’s home alone season!

If I close my eyes and imagine being transported to the PERFECT Christmas- the house from the Home Alone film is where I land.


You must admit it’s a stunner and, look, I’m sure it looks beautiful at any time of year but the fact that every single room in the house is decorated red AND green (including the kitchen) makes me think there was only one season Mr and Mrs Mcallister had in mind when decorating… and that’s Christmas, ya filthy animal! 

So get ready to step into the enchanting world of Kevin Mcallister’s home with the launch of our most Christmassy Christmas collection ever. 


Shaped like traditional Christmas tree baubles, our festive teacakes have been meticulously hand-decorated to resemble traditional tree ornaments, complete with intricate patterns and shimmering edible glitters. And the colour theme? Red of course! 


Crafted from spiced fruit centres, Belgian chocolate and freshly fluffed mallow- each teacake is a miniature work of art that tastes just as festive as they look. From Classic Gingerbread - a crisp biscuit base, with gingerbread caramel, a cinnamon fluff, hand-painted milk chocolate shell and the cutest of chocolate gingerbread garnishes!

To a Bucks Fizz - a white chocolate teacake filled with a sprightly fresh orange mallow fluff and smooth Prosecco centre. 


But what if you fancy something a little more extra? ‘Guys, I'm eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!"


From melting into a hot chocolate to toasting over the fire- winter really is a marshmallow world and our festive treat box is back with 24 gourmet marshmallows in all our favourite wintery flavours.Brimming with all the tastes of the festive season- from our famous Christmas Pudding marshmallow- crafted from organic spices & real fruit to our bestselling Raspberry & Champagne. 

Our why not finish your feast with our hot chocolate marshmallow- a luxurious chocolate mousse of a mallow. Perfect for sharing or, if you’re Kevin, for enjoying when you’re all alone. Perhaps curled up in-front of a classic film? This section box is one that keeps on delighting.  

Now, this is one little trick that would be sure to fool Harry and Marv....


 A sack of coal for all those on the naughty list. But what’s inside? Well, cookies and cream marshmallows of course…shhh don’t tell them what we’re up to. 


And for that blow the budget ‘Kevin- you spent 967 dollars on room service???’ kind of feel we have our brand new Christmas Hamper. Brimming with all our favourite Christmas luxuries- from teacakes to hot chocolate and the most desirable of hand knitted Christmas stockings for your fireplace. This big red hamper really ups the marshmallow merriment but we’ve kept the cost a little lower ( phew!) 


So get closer, light that fire, order yourself a cheese pizza and let the decadence of our most christmassy Christmas ever come straight to you! 







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