A sweet destination wedding

A sweet destination wedding

· By Oonagh Simms

A sweet destination wedding

It's true that most weddings read like a fairy tale. But ones that take place in a neoclassical castle…they have that little extra magic to them. Last weekend we flew out to the beautiful city of Budapest to serve our marshmallows at one of the most extravagantly romantic Indian weddings we have ever catered for.

With suitcases brimming with neon signs, edible petals and handpainted chocolate hearts we landed for a weekend in Budapest for a multi day celebration. Promising sun kissed hues and Bohemian vibes….and incredible marshmallows (of course) 


We were invited to the 'afternoon tea' selection to be served at the wedding procession. And as the guests entered the ancient Vajdahunyard castle they were presented with an array of spectacular food choices...

from feathery Indian dosa, to aromatic Thai milk tea, to a 'Nacho Bar' via freshly made skillet cookies.


We whipped up bite size chocolate teacakes with fruit marshmallows centrepieces for the afternoon ‘high tea’ then toasted mallows to order for a little dramatic flair as the evening went on. 

A glass of champagne, a toasted mallow and a night of endless love - I do!

 Our talented team; Carris and George, created the most stunning of displays and were dazzled by how ravishing the day was, they were swept away by the generosity of the hosts and the guests.

And after an exhausting day of serving they woke to explore the vibrant city of Budapest. With it’s beautiful parks and secret islands, incredible architecture, hip bars, and thermal spa’s. They dove into the outdoor spa’s healing waters, drank coconut margarita’s in the one of the city’s famous ruin bars and cycled the old town’s perimeter- discovering the local food trends to come back and share with us -  Hungarian inspired mallow treats are incoming.


The great thing about having a marshmallow company is we get to be quite involved in a lot of people’s weddings. From the couple who wanted a marshmallow that tasted like the cocktail they shared on their first date to be their wedding favour, or the couple who actually got engaged whilst toasting marshmallows in Kew gardens at Christmas.

I also love that our marshmallows can be a fun treat for almost every style of party. From cocktails and canapés to the rustic festival wedding. No, marshmallows aren’t an essential, but it’s the little extras that make your big day truly memorable.

So even if you’re not hiring an entire castle for your wedding - let us know how we can make it your very own Fairy Tale day!







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