Big Italian Weddings

Big Italian Weddings

· By Oonagh Simms

Big Italian Weddings

 There are few things in life i enjoy more than nosying in on others people’s weddings. Lazy Sunday mornings are often spent flicking through other people’s friends facebook or instagram pics- i absolutely love it. what they wore, what they ate… and we’re lucky enough to have just come back from, perhaps one of the most stunning weddings i have ever been to. An elegant yet rustic Italian hotel for an extravagantly romantic Indian wedding. 

We landed in Puglia in  southern Italy with everything we needed for a good time… suncream, neon signs and cake stands! Then prepped all of our marshmallows using local sourced interredients- fresh berries, flowers and some amazing chocolate.


Due to the sheer scale of this 3 day celebrations- the wedding planners had flown in chefs from all over the world- we worked in a ‘base kitchen’ which they built alongside the hotel.

The food was, as you can imagine, spectacular...From feathery Indian Dosa, punchy Lobster Paella, freshly rolled focaccia, Japanese sushi, we were lucky enough to be working alongside some incredibly talented chefs…and not too shy to ask for a few samples whilst we were at it. 

We whipped up bite size s’mores and heart-shaped teacake centrepieces for the afternoon ‘high tea’ then rocked up to the evening do with mallows toasted with chef’s torches to get the party started and keep the sugar levels high.

A glass of champagne, a toasted mallow and a disco classic? Yes, please! 

The following day we woke up after an intense double shift exhausted but…oh my god we’re still in Italy…with our equipment safely packed into our travel trunks we headed for pasta, pizza and spritzes in bustling Naples. It was a dream gig. 


The great thing about having a marshmallow company is we get to be quite involved in a lot of people’s weddings. from the couple who wanted a marshmallow that tasted like the cocktail they had on their first date to be their wedding favour, or the couple who actually got engaged whilst toasting marshmallows in kew gardens at Christmas. 

I also love that our marshmallows can be a fun treat for almost every style of party. From cocktails and canapés to the rustic festival wedding. No, marshmallows aren’t an essential, but it’s the little extras that make your big day truly memorable. 


So even if you’re not popping over to Italy for a 3 day extravaganza…let us know how we can be a part of yours. 



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