Here comes the summer...

Here comes the summer...

· By Oonagh Simms

Here comes the summer...

Get your T- shirts and Umbrellas at the ready …we’re diving into the Great British Summer and the forecast is either

a) ooh, it's colder than it looks. 


b) Look, we’ll be fine as long as the rain holds off. 

To ensure that the sun always shines on our bakery we’re serving up our NEW summer range- ‘A totally tropical taste’ two teacakes that celebrate long days, getting more freckles, hot nights and grassy bums. 


  •    The Pina Colada  - a white chocolate shell, fresh coconut mallow fluff with a punchy rum & chopped pineapple jam.

  • Strawberry and Guava - A dark chocolate shell with a zesty strawberry and lime centre and a sweet Guava fluff. 

Now I’m a sucker for a Pina Colada- it’s their creamy indulgence paired with the bold sticky booziness. Their nonchalance, their laid back cool. But let me tell you, this teacake took a lot of effort from lovely Jo in our kitchen to get *just* right…the secret is… when in doubt, add more rum. With it’s handpainted clashing pink and yellow chocolate shell- it’s a party in every bite. 

The Guava and Strawberry combination is a flavour pairing I perfected in the Maldives (I know, I  know, but I never in my wildest dreams throught I would  visit the Maldives so I’m going to bore on about it for a little longer...This teacake is sprightly, sun drenched and the Guava bursts with a rich berry taste- a sweetness that’s just mmmmmmm.This is for that 'your exclusive island dwelling with an ocean view' kind of feeling. 


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