CBD Marshmallows are here to stay

CBD Marshmallows are here to stay

· By Martin Studio

CBD Marshmallows are here to stay

After what feels like months of planning and chatting about it but nothing really happening... they’re finally here- our new Cannabis + Pink Grapefruit marshmallow boxes! Yup, after launching these as a Limited-Edition last year and stirring up a whirlwind of attention we decided that they really deserved a spot in our signature range. 


 hey, they’ve earnt it. 

Since their launch, these marshmallows have featured everywhere from The Sunday Times to This Morning ( which resulted in a clip of them going viral) and even last month, we received a phone call from The New York Times asking us how quickly we could ship them to New York for their magazine cover story “The ABC of CBD' They have been IN DEMAND. So, you would think with a hot product like that we would make sure we had lots of boxes ready and back up stock whipped up ready to go but no, we’ve been sold out of them for the last 2 months because we’ve been waiting on new packaging… I know. Don’t. It’s like we never went to business school (that’s true, we never went to business school) 


(picture- New York Times Magazine) 

But, like I said, they’re here now, they’re gorgeous and we’ve made some little tweaks that I think you’re going to lurve. We’re now using CBD from The Tonic-   based in Hebden Bridge and, like us, an all women team Kate and Michelle have sourced and gone into partnership with the finest Dutch growers whose organic approach and insistence on purity, safety and quality mirrors their own values. All of their lovely CBD products are ‘full spectrum’, meaning they contain more than just CBD and are packed with a full array of Cannabinoids. We’re using the 4% which is the 400mg CBD oil- The Tonic claim this is great for joints and muscles and encourages calm. We really felt it has an immediate impact on us and is by far the most effective CBD we’ve tried. Their product range also features everything from CBD oil ‘shots’ to fabulous therapeutic skincare- so if you’re into your CBD (and who isn’t nowadays?) you should definitely have a nosey at their shop. We're big fans of what they do and just couldn't be happier with how their CBD oil has changed our marshmallows. 

In other newness- we’ve kept the Limited Edition Flavour of Cannabis, Grapefruit + Pink Peppercorn only we’ve shortened it to a snappier ‘Cannabis + Pink Grapefruit’ for no reason other than it was less words to fit on the front of the box- it's still the same taste. CBD oil can be a tricky flavour pairing- although it’s one we’re now really enjoying working with- so we initially chose the fresh grapefruit, for its bold citrus punch, and pink peppercorns for fiery warmth to compliment the cannabis flavour rather than masking it, and that proved the perfect recipe. They’re hand finished with a delicious little slice of pink grapefruit too.

But we've also launched two new CBD flavours as Limited Edition batches and we're offering them as part of our new CBD Gourmet Collection. I've been able to give myself a little more time in the kitchen and have really gotten used to pairing the CBD and trialing new recipes- what I've found that is that it's the more bitter notes that are working best. So, building on those flavour profiles I've created a Cannabis, Blood Orange + Rosemary mallow- the citrusy blood orange is more aromatic than the grapefruit and the woodiness of the rosemary really lends itself to the CBD- it's comforting and smells like fresh summer mornings. The next one I'm sure is set to become a classic- Cannabis and Dark Cocoa- ooft! Whipped from 100% cocoa to create a super light- almost mousse like texture- the natural bitterness of the cocoa balances the taste of the CBD. They are both stunners. 

Then there’s the packaging- check out the packaging! Using our custom design, we’ve selected this stunner of a deep racing green pantone. I know- dark green for a cannabis product is not going to win any awards for originality but look at how it complements the pressing of gold foil and the splashes of bright yellow. All printed beautifully on our fave G.F Smith Naturalis paper. We get really excited when packaging comes in to the bakery- it’s like a little gift to ourselves. 

So, that’s it- you're all up to date on our CBD chat! You can now buy our world famous ( I can say that now, right?) marshmallows all the time. They look beautiful and taste even better. And I, for one, am absolutely buzzing. 


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