Wedding Day Moodboards

Wedding Day Moodboards

· By Oonagh Simms

Wedding Day Moodboards

There are few things in life I enjoy more than nosying in on others people’s weddings. Lazy Sunday mornings are often spent flicking through other people’s friends Facebook or Instagram pics- I absolutely LOVE it. What they wore, what they ate… And I’ve just come back from, perhaps the best wedding I have ever been to. If you’re into this sort of chat then settle in because wow- it was a stunner. It was in Ibiza for starters. A glam modern villa in the rural Agrotourism area. All gravel paths, carefully landscaped woodland and up-lit mega pool. The dress code was glitter. The bride wore sequinned Vivienne Westwood, it was officiated by a drag queen who also roused us into a communal Beyoncé song and dance along post ceremony. I wept during the speeches, wore leopard print, drank Aperol spritzes and danced until 4am.  It was completely wild and totally perfect. 


The couple are gorgeous, funny, perfect friends and, quite honestly, the whole thing was a total thrill. It made me completely and utterly buzzing that we’re now in ‘wedding season’.

The great thing about having a marshmallow company is we get to be quite involved in a lot of people’s weddings. From the couple who wanted a marshmallow that tasted like the cocktail they had on their first date to be their wedding favour, or the couple who actually got engaged whilst toasting marshmallows in Kew Gardens at Christmas. Couples share their stories and their inside jokes to help create bespoke boxes and treats or we get to come along with fire pits, mallows and chat with the guests whilst they gather late into the evening. 

I also love that our marshmallows can be a fun treat for almost every style of wedding- from the art deco inspired cocktails and canapés to the rustic festival wedding- it keeps us creative, we get to present mood boards, flavour suggestions, bring together current trends and classic tastes and whip up something a little special. No, marshmallows aren’t a wedding essential, but if this past weekend’s wedding taught me anything it’s that from your choice of oversized balloons to the jet of silver streamers, it’s the little extras that make your wedding truly memorable. 

So, if you’re planning your wedding and have no idea where marshmallows would ever fit in to it, here are some of my favourite recent mood-boards.  


Vintage Glamour

Metallic accents, coupé glasses of champagne, bold structural floral arrangements. The sort of atmosphere that evokes Claridge’s Fumoir but can actually be achieved in an old fashioned London pub- if you get your mood board right! We’ve whipped up mallows for quite a few weddings with this theme and the attention to detail and some clever scavenging from both markets and high street shops - think reeded glass vases and gold tea light holders- creates that classic late night decadence you’re going for. We love cocktail or tea based marshmallows for this theme- Amaretto Sours or Earl Grey and Lemon. Yes, I have included a dog in a tux ...because when else can a dog wear a tux? 



Boho Luxe 

Hay bales, silk kimono cover ups for your wedding dress, roaring campfires, wild flower bouquets and Kilner Jar cocktails. Be it a back garden (we’ve been invited to some absolute stunners) a rented farmers field or a woodland clearing. The ‘Wedfest’ theme has moved on from hand stitched bunting and is definitely more ‘custom made neon signs’. This style of wedding is crying out for oversized fire-pits creating cosy ‘chill out corners’ with beautiful, jewel like marshmallows and bundles of skewers and wool blankets. We’ve seen some spectacular rustic luxe weddings recently- I’m dreaming about long winding tables under festoon lights and disco balls twinkling from low hanging trees. Our fruit marshmallows work so well with this style- try our Pear and Elderflower and Strawberries and Cream flavours.  


We've now made our wedding options even easier to choose from with our shop wedding page and if you're looking for bespoke inspo or creative flavours for your own moodboard then just drop us a line 


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