Cocktails and Mallow Dreams

Cocktails and Mallow Dreams

· By Oonagh Simms

Cocktails and Mallow Dreams

I’m so into Valentines at the moment. I’ve really come full circle on this… I love joyful shop displays of bright florals, I love the big breath of crisp newness it brings, I love how it’s moved from being quite a rigidly heterosexual celebration of romance to just being a big celebration of love. From galentines to self-love. Just love. Oh, and cocktails and nice desserts. And I just love cocktails and desserts.

All in all, it’s a good time for me.

So, when the beautiful Aster restaurant asked me to come in for a chat about Valentine’s I very much considered it a date. I washed my hair, applied a slick of lipstick, packed my fluffiest marshmallows and hotfooted it to Victoria.

Do you remember when Victoria was just an abyss of missed national express coaches, relentless road works and grotty pubs? Gosh it’s changed. As you exit the tube the bright London sunlight bounces off the tall glass buildings, the vibrant restaurants spill out on to the pavement, the streets feel wider and cleaner, it feels glossy almost New Yorkey. It even has Hamilton there. Yup, Hamilton is showing at the Palace Theatre- if you can get a ticket. And there in middle of all this bustling ‘happening’ is Aster. Aster is an all day restaurant, café and cocktail bar with some of the most enviable décor ( and light fittings) I’ve ever seen. So glad I swiped right!

We chatted excitedly about all things Valentines, Marshmallow, Spring, playfulness and getting messy in the kitchen and, reader, we took things a little further. Yup. We’ve partnered up to create some of the most decadent Valentine’s cocktails and deserts I’ve ever tasted. Aster are talented, creative and know their way around a little mallow love- I’m smitten.

From this week you’ll be able to indulge in everything from the strawberry and chocolate heart sharing dessert with rose petals and mallows- an indulgently gooey explosion. To a dreamy vodka cocktail with a whip of freshly spun floss and a vanilla mallow heart garnish- my choice for a good time! You can also book their 3 course Valentine’s Menu for the Friday night…


Now look, I’m not a one-night stand kinda gal. Aster and Me are going to see how it goes for a bit, I’ve left a toothbrush there so you can fully expect to see a little bit more from us round here- ohh lala!


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