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Cocktails and Mallow Dreams

Cocktails and Mallow Dreams

I’m so into Valentines at the moment. I’ve really come full circle on this… I love joyful shop displays of bright florals, I love the big breath of crisp newness it brings, I love how it’s moved from being quite a rigidly heterosexual celebration of romance to just being a big celebration of love. From galentines to self-love. Just love. Oh, and cocktails and nice desserts. And I just love cocktails and desserts.


Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Marshmallowist Recipe

Toasted Marshmallow Ice-Cream

Phew! What a scorcher. We're looking for any excuse to get out of the kitchen this week and we've got just the recipe to do it. Yup, toasted marshmallow ice cream. All the very best of summer joys from smoky festival campfires to sun speckled beaches- churned into each indulgent lick. I use an ice cream maker to whip this up- but it is also pretty easy to make by hand, you just need a fork and some wrists that fancy a work out.