Bonfire S'more Recipe

Bonfire S'more Recipe

· By Oonagh Simms

Bonfire S'more Recipe

This is my most show-stopping s'more recipe to date. Like the rest of Instagram, autumn is my favourite time of year and Bonfire Night is, undoubtedly, my favourite night. November 5th is calling out for toasted marshmallows with a fire cracking flair. This isn’t just marshmallows for soaking up the last embers of the bonfire - this recipe is the Catherine wheel, the glitter flair and the rockets too.

To make your bonfire night go with a bang you will need:

Gourmet Marshmallows - you choose the flavour 
Spiced Ginger Biscuits 
70% dark chocolate shard
Hazelnut Caramel Fireworks ( this is a good recipe and they make an amazing cake topper too!)
Sparklers- free with our toasting experience 


To assemble

First chop your chocolate into large shards. Toast your marshmallow over a flame and smooch over your ginger biscuit. Place a shard of chocolate on top and sandwich with your second biscuit. Squish your caramel fireworks into your marshmallow and finish with a cake sparkler for a dramatic flair.


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