Graphic Gift Guide

Graphic Gift Guide

· By Oonagh Simms

Graphic Gift Guide

Our marshmallows are mostly bought as gifts. Which means we spend a lot of time thinking about gifting. We like to think of our marshmallows as the perfect pressie- quirky, stylish, bold, different. And, crucially, under a tenner. So when it comes to choosing a creative gift for Secret Santa or sensational stocking stuffers we thought we'd share our 'expertise'.

When planning how we're going to wrap each of our marshmallow boxes we send a parcel to ourselves in the post. Do we like how the box opens? Does the tissue fold properly?  Did we use too much tape? You see, we probably think about it a little *too* much. When you send a pressie from us you're really making an effort. But you probably knew that already. We're also realistic and know you can't give marshmallows *all* of the time. However thoughtful you are- sometimes you gotta mix it up. So here's our Graphic Gift Guide- a collection of equally cool, typographically bold, beautifully designed gifts that are, also, under 10 quid.   

The 'Lost In' Guide 

An insiders guide to getting lost in Paris, from a hidden vineyard in Montmartre, to post-industrial parties on the canal. This inspirational series of books has a stunningly different design for each city- Paris is our fave, obviously, but we're picking up the Lisbon and Los Angeles copies too. You know, just in case. £10

Voga Soap 

This 100% vegetable soap is blended with shea butter and hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original graphics from Claus Porto’s archives. And just look at it- stunning! Those flashes of red and the wonky type. A beautiful gift that's almost too stunning to open. £8.00 The Conran Shop

 To Øl 3Xmas Beer 


A graphic twist on the Christmas Beer. No comedy drunk Santa's here. Nope, just enviably cool packaging and a lil Danish nonchalance. Every year To Øl do a Christmas blitz, putting out some decadent, Christmassy beers. This is a light drink that packs a flavourful punch- it’s packed with all pine, citrus and tropical fruit flavours. 

 £3.59 Beerhawk 


 Bloody Mary Marshmallows 

Don’t pretend you’re not hungover. We all know you were wiping off last night’s make up in the office toilets and counting down the hours until you can pop to Greggs for a cheese and onion pasty. So let’s make hangover treats a little more glam and a lot more office appropriate. A box of Bloody Mary marshmallows - rich, spiced with a grinding of fresh pepper and a vodka kick. These delicate mallows have a sweet & smoky flavour that offer up a touch of heat.Quirky, a talking point AND absolutely delicious. You won Secret Santa.

 £7.50 by the marshmallowist


 Shrigley Notebook 

From the iconic Sketch dining room to the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and  now- your colleague's desk! You bought someone a Shrigley for Christmas? They've clearly made you a lot of cups of tea this year. This stylish notebook is witty, irreverent and, above all, useful.

£4.25 Brainbox Candy  

My Knot Shoelaces  

 It's winter so you're pretty much wearing boots all the time. But what if...just what if... you're boots could be a little bit, well, jazzier? Ta- dah! Fancy french shoelace company 'My Knot' have crafted these laces to look like climbing ropes but you' don't have to climb. You can just going to use them to do normal things like walk to the shops and get on the bus. But in a jazzy way. £3 The Design Museum

Flavour Your Fizz



 Our pals Smith & Sinclair have  zhooshed up their brand and wizzed up an cornucopia of incredible treats to accompany the launch. With a bright neon box and bold typeography we are head over heels in love with these new tablets. And so is everyone else; people can’t seem to get enough of these new Flavour your Fizz range ( They were fighting over the last boxes at John Lewis Sloane Square last week) And rightly so. Pop them in your fizz to add a playful flavour twist to your festive drinks. 

£6 Smith & Sinclair


 Hey Gold Pen 

Take a moment to look at this pen. Can you actually bear how gorgeous it is? Can you imagine how stylish everything you ever write ever again would be if you had this pen. Well, that's the gift you're going to give  to someone this year.  Stylish writing forever. We're big fans of Hey here. We use their kaleidoscope trays for displaying our marshmallows for events and samplings. They make simple, bold design pieces and this is one of them. Oh, and it's gold. £4 Wallpaper Store 

 Yayoi Toesama Socks

 What, you couldn't get tickets for the Yayoi Toesama exhibition? No, us neither. But it looked great on Instagram and also, who doesn't love a pair of socks at Christmas? You might think of socks as a cliche. But this kind of good design can never be cliched- fun toes and polka dots where it matters. The cosy way to appreciate art. 

£9.00 We Built This City

Dodgy Dogs ( Blow the Budget)

Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with dogs. I cannot walk down a street without stopping to cuddle every dog. I keep dog biscuits in my pocket just in case I meet a dog. My favourite film is Turner and Hooch (which I watch with my dog) If i wasn't making marshmallows I would be doing something that involved dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs. So imagine my face when my pal told me about Dodgy Dogs- A card game about badly behaved dogs, beautifully illustrated by French visual artist Jean Jullien. My Christmas will be spent playing nothing else. It’s about Dogs, it’s stunningly designed AND it’s a bit French. I would say that’s worth blowing the budget for. £25




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