Indian Summers + Golden Luxe

Indian Summers + Golden Luxe

· By Oonagh Simms

Indian Summers + Golden Luxe

I was in the supermarket this week when a mum turned around to snap at her child: “Ryan, I’ve told you, summer’s over now”. And wow, it hurt. I realised she was right. Im in the supermarket, summer is definitely over and no amount of hanging out by the new pencil cases or crisp, unpeeled A4 pads is going to make me feel better about it. So, here you find me trying to eek out ways to keep the last days from slipping away. I won’t be wearing socks (even though there’s a slight nip) I’ll be wearing my sunglasses to drive home from the bakery. And I’ll be creating beautiful, golden hour- luxe spaces to toast marshmallows in. 

We recently teamed up with the wonderful Beth from Forest Found. Together we pitched up to a corner of the rambling Harewood House estate and, much to the indignation of the resident Hebrediean cows, dreamt up our idyllic toasting experience. We sprayed everything we could in shimmering gold, Beth foraged ferns and evergreens from the surrounding woods, we climbed the tree to hang a bright pink neon sign and we waited for dusk.

With our fire pits roaring we gathered around, draped in blankets to drink cocktails and toast marshmallows.

So, we’ve found a way to do it. We can press pause on summer and welcome the cooler air because, hey, we have a fire pit for that and for the next few weekends you’ll still find us outside. Now, I realise not everyone can have a Beth. She will drape foliage, cart delicate rattan furniture and drape velvet until those Hebredian cows come home. But there are some tips on creating your own golden house luxe experience that we can share…

Lighting- try and contrast the warm buzz of your fire pit with an inviting glow or an uplighter. Pillar candles in hurricane lanterns look beautiful but are sometimes a pain to keep lit- for less than £10 you can buy a large pack of gel filters- intended for theatre/stage productions- a SUPER cheap way of creating neon flashes from your existing lights. 

Keep it super soft- fill your space with blankets, cushions, rugs and throws- don’t give yourself an excuse to have to go indoors.

Amp up the accessories- we popped our wooden toasting skewers in a gold vase, we flaunted our marshmallows in gorgeous glass jewellery boxes and we filled gold magazine racks with extra supplies. 

Flavours with an unexpected twist- we pre bottled light, fruit cocktails to take to the fire- mezcal and watermelon, pink gin with home made tonics. To contrast the cocktails we served up our spicier marshmallows alongside them- passion fruit & ginger, caramelised apple, grapefruit & pink peppercorn. 

Stay up late- well, there’s no point in going to all that effort and not staying out until the last ember has died. Snuggle up and hunker down. 

If you fancy letting us loose and creating a bespoke space at your party, festival or event then drop us a line. Ta very much to Beth at Forest Found, Jeff Barnett for the snaps, Rad Studio 's glam accessories, Harewood House for the stunning surroundings and the cows for not minding *too* much. 




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