Under The Influence

Under The Influence

We’ve been blown away by the response to our new cannabis spiked marshmallows- with even The Sunday Times tipping them as 'the ones to try'. A couple of months ago we were approached by one of our customers, Tim, who owns the Great British Vape Shop in Holborn. He's a fan of edible CBD, the oil he buys is a premium organic, full plant hemp and he wanted to know what it would taste like in gourmet confectionery. So, ta very much Tim for inspiring our first ever Cannabis creation. CBD has incredible qualities, although we can’t attest to it’s health benefits, it’s purported roster of wellness properties is LONG. From stress management to curing insomnia to an overall feeling of relaxation and relief of aches and pains. We didn’t need to be asked twice.

Getting the flavour pairing right was the next task- not so easy a challenge given the expense of the CBD. The bottle we had was worth hundreds of pounds, making each precious drop a little 'eek' inducing when experimenting. It has a bold taste, vegetal, earthy with a citrusy note, making it distinctive and needing to be matched carefully.

We’ve chosen fresh grapefruit, for its bold citrus punch, and pink peppercorns for fiery warmth both of these complimenting the cannabis flavour rather than masking it.

Over the last year CBD cocktails have grown in popularity in Los Angeles. With famed bar, Gracias Madre, creating libations pairing the cannabis with yuzu or Angostura bitters and christening them with pun-tastic names- Stoned Fruit? Or a twist on a classic- Rolled Fashioned. We adore puns in the Marshmallowist bakery so these alone piqued our interest. But garnished with stencilled pot leaves of Matcha Powder? Consider us influenced! We love seeing what the drinks industry creates with pairings of sweet, sour, bitter and smooth and how we can translate those pairings into confectionery. It seems that when is comes to cannabidiol the strong peppery note of gin and fresh citrus layers are a wining combination. Our mood enhancing mallows were ready to be whipped up.

These marshmallows don’t contain any THC, which is the physcoative complement of cannabis- so there’s no getting high on our supply. But given the strength and potency of the CBD we’re using, you can feel the effects shortly after eating. The light, soufflé texture of the mallows being the perfect vessel for flavour- melting in your mouth. It helps that we all think they’re delicious. But don’t worry, we’re limiting our intake. We've so many customers clamouring for this new flavour, we can't be *too* chilled. 


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