Sensible S'mores Stout 

Sensible S'mores Stout 

· By Oonagh Simms

Sensible S'mores Stout 

it’s no secret how much we love our bakery in Farsley, Leeds. the best bit though? great neighbours. From our favourite Grumpy’s pizza to parties at the old woolen and a even a little lunchtime yoga at Om Yoga studios, Farsley has our heart. 

We're lucky that our pals at amity brew co are also here and their brewery and taproom in the mill next is our favourite drinking spot. They make fresh, modern interpretations of classic beers and they’re always up for a fun collab- you might remember we made an incredible stout called ‘nonsense’ with them when they first opened…Well, we can’t get enough of those guys so we went back for another go at something a little bit special. Our own marshmallow beer..only this time it’s toasted. 


The brew includes seven speciality malts to give a roasted coffee & chocolate base to which we added a toasted marshmallow finish-  we popped down with a fresh batch of our vegan vanilla mallows.  

We all had a go at adding the malt and hops then I toasted the mallows on site and added them straight into the brew kettle- the complex process of adding the different grains to determine the colour and flavour depth had us all engrossed.

We love the team there- I would throughly recommend booking on to one of their brewery tours- fun facts, interesting processes and not in the least bit dry or beer bore-ey. 

Our new beer is called ‘Sensible’ it’s a session stout with the smokey, biscuity, chocolatey flavours of a ’s’more’. It's a very 'sensible' 4%. And it’s here just in time for Easter.



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