So, John Lewis emailed back....

So, John Lewis emailed back....

· By Oonagh Simms

So, John Lewis emailed back....

 So, John Lewis emailed back.

“oh my god, I can’t look, I can’t look”

That’s the problem when you have one of those dream boards and at the top of it is John Lewis circled and underlined in different coloured pens. When you finally get an email from them it all gets a bit much.

“They love the marshmallows” 

I can’t BREATHE at this point. 

“They want you to come in for a meeting”

And meeting with the John Lewis gift team is every bit as lovely as you would imagine it would be. Nerve-racking, of course, they’re one of the biggest retailers in the UK. But their meetings rooms smell of coffee and scatter cushions. The buyers don’t competitively snap business acronyms across you. They ask you about your passion for the product, your story, your favourite flavours. They want to stock products that they would buy themselves. They did everything they could to make the meeting as enjoyable as possible and then came the line:


“I didn’t even like marshmallows. Until I tried yours”


From the buyer of John Lewis.

And that was it. We were IN.

From anxiously waiting in the reception of their head office back in February, our marshmallows are in the store today. I say store- they’re in 23 stores. And online. And that little John Lewis in Heathrow Airport where you can buy last minute bits before popping off on your hols. We couldn’t be happier, we’re in love with our gorgeous new boxes and having a retailer that loves our marshmallows as much as we do, and wants to show them off to their customers makes our hearts sing.

We’ll be sampling at John Lewis stores up and down the country for the next few months, if you fancy popping down to taste our mallows- follow us on twitter and facebook and we’ll keep you updated on our goings-on.

And next time you’re in John Lewis please pick up a box for us or send us a shelf snap. We’ll stop being so excited at some point, but not just yet.




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