Why I’m all in on Black Friday

Why I’m all in on Black Friday

· By Oonagh Simms

Why I’m all in on Black Friday

It’s a bit gross isn’t it, Black Friday? Always felt really grabby, scrums of shoppers elbowing each other for tellys. Newspaper columnists depicting it as the end of days. Or worse, too American. We all sneer…we’re not queuing outside Asda- pfft

Then we lie in bed with a cup of tea scrolling through Zara sale bargains or Amazon deals. 

I know discount culture is not making life better. Making decisions about what you’re going to buy and which type of companies you’re going to support with your money and purchases is something we all want to strive towards. And if this year has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t actually need much stuff. All our worlds have become much smaller.

So, I should be telling you that we’re not doing Black Friday this year.

But I’m not.

We’re going all in.

This year we’ve lost a lot of stockists. We’ve lost events. We’ve lost restaurants and bars. But we’re having an amazing time selling directly to you through our online shop. And I want to keep that going, we're loving our new relationship with our fabulous mallow fans! 

Let’s face it; it’s a pretty niche product, gourmet marshmallows. Even our best customers only buy a handful of times a year. So we need a lot of people to think of us when they want to treat a friend for their birthday or send a thank you or planning a party. And most of that happens through recommendations- or when they get gifted our mallows and try them for the first time. So this year our deal is a big one:

Buy One Get One Half Price. One for you, and a gift for someone else. So we'd love you to buy that one extra, that little bit more. Because we know our mallows and teacakes are the best. They are whipped up from incredible ingredients by our amazingly hard working and creative team. We do everything ourselves and we want to keep doing it. So please take this chance to show your loved ones why choosing better confectionery is worth it.

Share the mallow love.

Shop small, shop better. And thanks for shopping with us.


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