the wern x the marshmallowist

the wern x the marshmallowist

· By Oonagh Simms

the wern x the marshmallowist

It's no secret that we're big fans of 'The Wern' here. They call themselves a PR and Design agency but, really, they're a small biz eco-system. Lucy and her partner Hadrien get fired up by working with creative entrepreneurs. With a lust for independent spirit, making the world better and straight talking positivity these two really like to zhuzh things up. 

Hadrien is a French graphic designer and DJ who graduated from street art to high fashion. Now based in East London he is a self-professed colour enthusiast and was the obvious choice to give our gift packaging a fresh spin.

But, we wanted something a little more fun than ...we wanted a Limited Edition we could really shout about. As all our marshmallows are handmade there will always be little differences between each one. So, why shouldn't the packaging be just as exclusive? 

We first experimented with HP Mosaic last year- the printing whizzes at F.E Burman introduced us to it- It's a software programme which can be used to produce unlimited variations of a design in a single print run. Meaning we can produce a series of one-of a kind boxes. Each one totally unique. Hadrien was up for it - of course he was- and produced a seed design of bold colours and explosive patterns.

His design is intricate but retains a freeform and playfulness- a really impactful piece of work. Then, using the algorithmic computer programme that plays with the pattern, dimensions and scale- we were able to transform the artwork onto each one of our sleeves.


We printed onto our favourite papermith's G.F Smith Zen white paper. The paper is textured and enhanced with a surface coating for showcasing the vibrancy of the design and heroing the colour. The results are more than we could have ever hoped for. Hundreds of unique art-works for our equally unique marshmallows. 

They're a riot of bright flashes and colour pops. The process and form all working in a perfect flow to create complete one offs. The possibilities being infinite. So, if you are looking to treat yourself to something totally unique. And who isn’t? I really don’t think you could do better than one of our hot chocolate or toasting experiences this Christmas. A one of a kind. Just for you.

Throughout November we'll be bringing you design tips from Hadrien, competitions and a chance for you to win your own original framed print. Follow us and @wernchat on socials for all the goss. 


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