Lockdown 2- we got this

Lockdown 2- we got this

· By Oonagh Simms

Lockdown 2- we got this

Everyone knows that Home Alone 2 is far superior to the original Home Alone. We’re familiar with the tropes, the food is more extravagant and the soundtrack was way better. And this is why I know we’re going to be more than ready for Lockdown Part 2- The Sequel: We’re here, we’re staying open and we’d love you to shop with us.

We’ve lucky we’ve spent the last few months making our bakery Covid safe. We were awarded our BRC food safety standard in August, which means every part of our production, packing and distribution is the highest rated level it can be.

From contact free hand sanitising, temperature checks and masks - we’ve got this covered. Thankfully, our new bakery is big enough to practice safe social distancing but we’re also mixing things up. We’re moving to longer days and a 7 day week so we can keep whipping up your mallows and teacakes but we’ll now be working alone or in pairs.


We’ve also popped a new calendar up on our checkout so you can buy now and select your preferred week of delivery. This helps us to manage our orders and plan out our weeks- keeping the team safe and the stress levels low.

And now we just need you. We’ve launched our new Christmas shop so you can explore all of the tastes of Christmas through marshmallows, hot chocolates and our brand new hampers. Have a peek, send a gift and ta very much for shopping small. 


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