5 Party Planning Treats for Malloween

5 Party Planning Treats for Malloween

· By Oonagh Simms

5 Party Planning Treats for Malloween

Throwing a spooky celebration this week? We LOVE a Malloween party here as it gives us the perfect excuse to get a bit more creative with our confectionery. To throw a Halloween bash with a grown up edge it’s best to skip the themed and stick to the seasonal. So here are my top tips for sweetening your party with a Marshmallowist treat...

1 / Add a mallowy twist to a classic dark rhum punch- Mix a spiced rhum with apple juice, fiery ginger beer and dash of citrus then pop a marshmallow on top- toast the marshmallow using a flame to create a rich caramelised treat. Not just a playful garnish but gives a ‘bobbing for apples’ twist to your welcome drink.

2 / Nothing screams Halloween more then a colourful autumnal pumpkin. I roast the pumpkin then scoop out the flesh to make a rich puree forming the filling of my pumpkin pie. (saving the seeds to caramelise with warm spices and dark sugar to sprinkle on top). This versatile veg, when mixed with ginger and cinnamon and smoothed into a shortcrust pastry case is an all American classic. Style it with a smoky twist by topping with toasted marshmallows. 

3 / Yes, we might be celebrating Halloween but it’s the Mexican Dia de Muertos that gave me inspiration for this marshmallow treat. Tequila, Lime and Chilli- Tequila is not just for regretful nights on your summer holidays. Sprinkle your mallows with spicy chilli flakes, serve with a shot of tequila and a finish with a squeeze of lime- a scarily pleasant trick with which to treat your guests!


4 /  Bake a bumper crop of whole apples with a pinch of nutmeg, brown sugar and cinnamon for 30 mins. Top with marshmallows -I love the fiery Passionfruit + Ginger- and add a splash of Whisky. Flash under a hot grill for no more than 10 seconds to create a caramelised autumnal indulgence. Serve with a dollop of tangy crème fraiche or a whip of double cream. 

5 / BOO! zy- Marshmallow Ghosts (Warning- May Contain Spirits!)

Melt your marshmallows down in a hot pan - try the creamy Toasted Coconut for this recipe- made from the flesh of whole coconuts.  Add a shot of your favourite tipple into the marshmallow mixture- Gin or Rhum work well. Spoon your boozy marshmallow mixture into a piping bag, cut off the tip, then holding the bag firmly, squeeze out the mixture into soft swirls with a peak. You’ll soon have a tray of marshmallow ‘ghosts’. Use a small paintbrush and a natural black food colouring to dot in two spooky eyes!

Happy Malloween x


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