Cereal Thrillers

Cereal Thrillers

· By Oonagh Simms

Cereal Thrillers

My mum, whilst a great cook, was never a baker. She prefers to cook by sight and taste than scales…which meant that home baking when I was growing up meant one single recipe; Cornflake buns. Cornflakes covered in melted chocolate, poured into bun cases, left to set in the fridge. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. 

Baking with cereal is a British institution. The Americans can have their trendy cereal milk concoctions but we know…we know…the real sensory joys of cereal are Shredded Wheat buns at Easter, Mars Bar Crispy Cake at a birthday party and that school dinner classic the Cornflake Tart. So when our pal Cat of Cat Food Cakes asked us to whip up a teacake for her 'cereal' themed treat box last month we couldn’t help but get a little bit creative. And British cereal is a creatives dream… from the sweet salty contrast to the bright colour ‘pops’ and cartoon zaniness it all makes for a playground of taste adventures! It was far too tricky for us to choose just one flavour…so we decided to launch an entire collection of teacakes based on our favourite cereals. From the one you’re only allowed at weekends (gulp, Cinnamon Swirl) to your morning bowl ( yup, Cornflakes) 

And as you’ve come to expect from us…we’ve gone gourmet with our ‘variety packs’. Yes, all the familiar flavours of your favourite cereals but with the flourishes  of fruit jams, mallow fluffs, the best Belgian chocolates and that sprinkle of glam you know we can’t resist. These are flavour pairings that elevate cereals into luxury confectionery….and we’ve even included a chocolate spoon in every box. 

So what's in the box?  

Coco Pops- A crunchy base of coco pops whipped with a rich chocolate mallow studded with cereal , a dark chocolate  Ganache and a hand-painted chocolate shell. 

Cinnamon Swirl- The joy of this teacake is the swirl of apple caramel, with a soft cinnamon fluff and it’s delicate biscuit base and a crisp snap of milk chocolate- it’s spicy, baking nectar. 


Cornflakes- A white chocolate shell featuring the iconic cornflake rooster inside is a fruity raspberry jam, a light vanilla mallow 


Rice Krispies- a mallow Krispie base, punchy lemon curd and vanilla marshmallow- with a bright blue and white chocolate design- you’ll wonder why you haven’t always paired lemon with your Krispies. 


A touch of nostalgia with a drizzle of fancy is what you’l find in our 'variety pack' of teacakes. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with us that you couldn’t possibly pick a favourite… They’re all GRRRREAT. 


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