marshmallows & cocktails

marshmallows & cocktails

Sometimes cities really have a ‘moment’ don’t they. And Birmingham is really buzzing right now. Great bars, restaurants, shops. So when Highland Park whisky asked us to hook up with them at Birmingham Cocktail Weekend for an hour of 'unexpected contrasts’ we couldn't resist. Highland Park single malt is one of our faves. It’s smokey but fruity and with a whisper of honey, it whips up beautifully into a marshmallow and pairs deliciously with our fruit flavours. We've created marshmallows for them before- based on an 'old fashioned' with an orange garnish and it was incredible. For this event we'll be breaking down their flavours with their brand experts and experimenting with  a bit of confectionery magic. 

So, if you fancy a night out in Birmingham, learning the secrets behind whisky marshmallows and trying a few amazingly crafted cocktails why not join us at Smoke and Ash on July 7th? See you at the bar! 


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