Come see us!

Come see us!

· By Oonagh Simms

Come see us!

The Pop Up is Closed for Summer- see you in September! 

Everyone knows the best thing about a bakery is the bakery window. I am borderline obsessed with bakery windows. Steamed up glass, freshly baked cakes, the crumbs at the end of the tray. We have a bakery. But, it’s not ‘that sort’ of bakery. It’s a commercial kitchen and packing space where we all come in each day and whip up mallows and teacakes- it has functional huge mixers and smells out of this world but it’s never had a window stacked with cream buns and cookies. 

Until now….

We’re now opening our doors and letting you pop in and pick up some of our freshly baked treats. We’ve been trialing some new products for brands over the last few weeks- from our marshmallow cookies to…get ready…S’mores doughnuts. And they all seemed to devious not to share. So now that we’re allowed inside with other people again we thought we’d host a weekly 'pop up' and let you in on our favourite creations. You’ll be able to try freshly cut cubes of marshmallow- choose your favourite flavour. You can bring home a bundle of straight from the oven marshmallow cookies. Or why not select your own box of teacakes? You choose the selection and we’ll pack in to one of our gift boxes. 


We’ll be taking contactless payment, we’ll make sure it’s only 2 people at a time at the door and if you want to pre-order any of our boxes through the online shop- you can just drop by and collect ( we’ll have them ready to go) 

We’ll be open from 1pm - 6pm in Unit 23 Springfield Mill, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5LY.







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