Amity Brew Co x The Marshmallowist

Amity Brew Co x The Marshmallowist

· By Oonagh Simms

Amity Brew Co x The Marshmallowist

It’s no secret how much I love our new bakery- it has big windows, a walk in freezer and the best bit? Great neighbours. Amity Brew Co opened up a brewery and taproom in the mill next door just before Christmas. They make fresh, modern interpretations of classic beer styles and one Friday afternoon- when they were dropping off some weekend beers for us- they suggested we have a go at something a little bit special. Brewing our own marshmallow beer. Well, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity like that could we? 


Amity is run by a group of friends with an impressive amount of brewing experience between them and their site is a bit of a stunner- when we’re finally allowed to go to bars again you will struggle to get me away from their new taproom. They suggested creating an Imperial Marshmallow Stout- at 8% this is a rich and decadent delight. 


The brew includes seven speciality malts to give a roasted coffee & chocolate base with, of course, a soft vanilla mallow finish- I popped down with a fresh batch of our vegan vanilla mallows. I hand cut them before adding them straight into the brew kettle- yup, they let me do this bit. The complex process of adding the different grains to determine the colour and flavour depth had me enraptured and the end result? It’s dessert in a can. In fact, it’s my new go-to after dinner treat especially when poured into a small glass for satisfying little sips. 


And not content with just making a beer from marshmallow- we thought we’d use the stout to whip up our own Limited Edition beer marshmallow. We've paired the stout with vanilla and malt for a rich creamy taste. This mallow has notes of toasted hops with both caramel and biscuit flavours whipped throughout… rich and frothy it tastes just like your first sip of beer. Both of which should do the job until the pubs are back open, right? 


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  • I’ve just had half of the Marshmallow Stout in Matlock, and can honestly say this is one of the best beers I’ve had! I’m a stout fan, and this is up there with the best. I’ve now got to try and track some cans down!

    Dave Dobson on

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