Get cosy and create change

Get cosy and create change

· By Oonagh Simms

Get cosy and create change

It’s International Women’s Day and, wow, is there a lot to be done this year. As a female led business we love that today allows us to celebrate women’s achievements. But it also gives us an opportunity to challenge the things that are keeping us from equality. So, let’s crack on! 
It’s been undeniable that the economic impact of Covid has hit women and girls hardest. From job losses to the pressures of childcare to the rise in domestic abuse cases, this year has been devastating and we’re only just seeing the effects. If we are going to change any of this, we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and go into 2021 fighting.

As more and more women are turning to specialist services for help, both income losses and insecure funding mean that many of these very services are struggling to stay afloat. These are rape crisis centres, work training programmes, women’s shelters. The small grassroots organisations that do vital work with vulnerable women on a daily basis. They tackle inequality, provide support and, ultimately, they make a huge difference. 

We’d like to support these lifelines by asking you to drink hot chocolate. I know. Sounds a bit odd. But buy a hot chocolate set and we donate to Rosa. Rosa do amazing work in funding grassroots women’s organisations.They invest in projects that shape lives, give voice and affect change and we’re giving them £10 from every Hot Chocolate Set we sell from 6th- 8th March. £10 to keep doing what they do!

So by taking 5 mins to yourself, or sending someone a little’re actually helping to make the UK a fairer, safer place for women and girls. And we think that’s something worth getting cosy for!  



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