Wimbledon teacakes

Wimbledon teacakes

· By Oonagh Simms

Wimbledon teacakes

July seems to be gifting us the perfect ‘staying indoors and watch sport on the telly’ weather. So thank goodness we've whipped up the perfect 'sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea' treat. We don't normally do 'themed' products. Although I'm not sure why as every time we do we LOVE them and you go nuts for them. And this year's 'smash' hit is...our 'Wimbledon Teacake’



Crafted from Sipsmith’s new ‘Strawberry Smash’ gin with a fresh strawberry and black pepper centre and a vanilla cream fluff. Our pals at Bars by Canvas were creating a Sipsmith x Wimbledon Experience so asked us to create something a bit special for them. Each teacake is hand-painted with cocoa butter to look exactly like a tennis ball- outlining each chocolate mould with small strips of tape and using a fine spray gun for a super slick and shiny finish. I'm not saying it's an easy process but wow do they look incredible. 



To round off the box we've served up a Pimms teacake- by creating a rich Pimms jam for the centre and a light cucumber fluff. That's right...Pimms jam. It should be a thing. I never think that I’m that into Wimbledon and then EVERY YEAR, I kind of wish I was able to go and watch tennis and eat expensive strawberries and wear a straw hat and clap politely. It looks so lovely there. But since most of us will be armchair spectating this year I'll make do with the sweet stuff; Game, Set, Mallow 













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