Ooh, what's new

Ooh, what's new

· By Oonagh Simms

Ooh, what's new

Well, it’s a been a while coming but…get the glitter cannons ready because OUR NEW PACKAGING HAS ARRIVED. 

It’s not a big change, we know. In fact, you may not even notice from the outside but- believe me-  this is like Christmas come early for us here.

We hooked up with friend and designer Hadrien Chatelet to give the outer boxes a little refresh- strip back some of the white, introduce more colour, give the pattern a little extra swagger and make the unboxing and mallow reveal a little more playful.

We’re in love.

The punchy colour contrasts really pop…we’ve layered up a little more gold and the inside is a custom tray of soft pink candy stripes that remind me of a Kipling French Fancie (which is a great thing!) 


It had been bugging us for a while. How our lovely fluffy marshmallows didn’t *quite* fit in the boxes… how we had to squeeze them in to seal them. Now, our boxes are bigger, the marshmallows have more space to flaunt, they’re easier to share and to pop away for later. The whole experience is just luxe. It’s even changed the atmosphere in the bakery…we’re all in a better mood, happier, buzzier. Funny, isn't it how something that seems so insignificant can have such a big impact.

We’ve stripped back our core flavour offering too… which means no more blueberry & gin. Yup, it was time. But don’t worry, we’ve replaced this with a stunner of a Limited Edition box, allowing us to create more unexpected flavours, collab with more alcohol brands and whip up a little more freely. We make everything here in the bakery so we have the freedom to keep that buzzy creativity going and give all of us a chance to bring in some of our favourite recipes and inspiration. 


And they’re not just pretty boxes. They’re made from FSC recycled paper and our clear bags are fully compostable ( well, they have been for 2 years but we didn’t have it written anywhere on the box so how would anyone know?) this means the boxes are fully recyclable inside and out. 

It’s obviously hard to pick but my current favourite is the Raspberry + Champagne- using the bright Pantone raspberry 206 and soft pale pink. The hues are a bit Wes Anderson "Mendl's Bakery" vibes- clean, modern lines but with a nod to the classic. The shape of the box also feels more weighty, more ‘boxy’, more treat like in its appearance.  They arrived at the end of last week and we managed to dip into our local photograpy studio yesterday and have a little fun with mad props, pink paper and OF COURSE a few glasses of champagne. I really hope you love these as much as we do.  I’ve been giddy to share this with you so let me know which flavour is your favourite too and if you have any suggestions for our new limited edition box flavours then let’s chat… 



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