Are you Divine or Savage?

Are you Divine or Savage?

· By Oonagh Simms

Are you Divine or Savage?

We all love a nosy around someone else’s house, right? A little peek through a window to see what your neighbours have done with their living room? The whole world and their instagram account is just HOT for interiors right now and we’re here for it. Having bought a house last year, there is not an evening of scrolling that goes by without me staring at a rich velvet sofa a stunning wallpaper feature wall or a statement lamp. As the nights draw in and my desire to ever go outside again wanes I’m drawn more to the dark, the sultry and, let’s face it, the extravagant maximalist glam of our new style crush….The Divine Savages.

The Divine Savages are husbands Tom and Jamie- with successful careers in fashion and design, they founded Divine Savages- determined to do interiors ‘their way’. Taking inspiration from history, culture, fashion and the natural world to create a melting pot of influences.

They love daring design, bold colours and brave patterns. Well, that all sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? Because we love nothing more than bold flavours, daring pairings and a getting creative with our confectionery. So when they suggested we hook up for a little cocktail inspired collab we couldn’t believe our luck. A Divine Savage twist to our luxury marshmallows with two new flavours, Divine Peach Bellini with champagne and a flourish of gold leaf and Savage Espresso Daiquiri with spiced rum. Yes, that’s right. Espresso Martini’s are a little ‘done’- we wanted something more robust, spicy and winter ready so it’s Espresso Daiquiris for us - our favourite tipple using small batch rum distillers-Libations Rum and stirred it with a warming brown sugar, freshly ground coffee and a dash of kahlua liquor. Our peach beilni uses ruby peaches pureéd for a soft pink tinge and whipped with a glass of champagne!

Cocktail flavours that capture both sides of their brand’s personality and have been created to take you from day to night- in one gift box.


Thankfully, when it came to designing the box the Divine Savages boys had a catalogue of ideas but we couldn’t; pass up the opportunity to spin out their popular Zsa Zsa design! A stunningly flamboyant print of glorious ostrich showgirls with candy pink feathers. A nod to art deco, extravagant flourishes and OF COURSE a gold foiled box…dreamy and sultry all in one box- this is our party season hit.

We’ll be hooking up with Divine Savages over the next few weeks to chat all things interiors and Christmas style from creating the perfect festive tablescape to the secrets behind wallpapering your bathroom ( yes, that’s a thing I ned to know about right now ok?) we’ll also be chatting with them on an Insta Live on Nov 12th showing how to whip up the perfect festive sweet treats and sipping a few cocktails. If you have any design, interiors or mallow questions you want us to answer… pop them below.




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