Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Gift Guide

· By Oonagh Simms

Valentine's Gift Guide

I think we can agree that this is the year to fully throw ourselves behind any and every celebration we can. Now is not the time for cynicism, scorn or just not bothering. That’s a very 2019 approach to life. We are almost one year in to this mess and we need to seize every opportunity to treat, splurge and indulge. So, everything in our Valentine’s collection is unapologetically pink, is heart shaped OR has champagne in it. Don’t blame me. Blame life. I have even been scouring the Internet for Valentine’s decorations for my house. My Valentine’s weekend will be special because, god, do I really need some weekends to be special.

If you’re with me on this misadventure then do I have a bakery filled with treats for you….


Our teacakes were already a best seller. I could have just let them be. But since we’re zhushing everything up- we’ve created a LIMITED EDITION pink and gold box. Each box includes 4 teacakes including our brand new flavour: champagne mallow fluff with a peach pâte de fruit, enrobed in creamy white chocolate and hand painted..yup, the ‘Bellini’ teacake. Personally, I love eating these as a dessert- a gooey version of the chocolate bomb!


Show some love with our gourmet bag of raspberry + champagne hearts and vanilla + rose petal mallows. The perfect way to spoil a loved one and get their heart fluttering.  Crafted from organic vanilla, and rosé champagne these mouth-watering mallows are pillowy light and soufflé like in texture. 

Perfect for popping on to a hot chocolate with breakfast, enjoying with your favourite glass of fizz or devouring on their own. Each bag comes with it’s a gold foiled envelope and note card for you to write your own love letter.

The undisputed classic in our collection. What could be more Valentine’s than a box of our Raspberry & Champagne marshmallows you ask? Well, nothing. Crafted from Premium Rosé Champagne that lifts the raspberries in this delicate marshmallow. This is has a light and sparkling pop that really enhances the fruit.

This is how I’m saying ‘I love you’ to my besties this year- my unashamedly feminine Galantines hamper. From the absolute romp of a new book, to a ‘Love’ candle hand poured in London by our pal Litwicks. My ultimate drinking chocolate and a mug to curl up with and a flourish of limited edition marshmallow hearts. All packaged up in our luxury gift boxes and with a handwritten gift card. Surprise someone especial with this luxe hamper brimming with treats.

What... there’s more?

Well, what if every order came with a gold-foiled gift card FOR FREE? And if you didn’t even want to write that card yourself we would write it for you. You didn’t dream it…we’re living it. Just pop your own message of love in at the checkout and we’ll get scribbling.  

If you fancy getting a little creative in the kitchen- i shared my recipe for ruby chocolate mallow hearts here. This takes some planning, you’ll need to pop out and get the ingredients this weekend- it also takes a little bit of effort, but all the best pressies do. If you make someone these marshmallow hearts as a treat I guarantee that they will love them AND you for even bothering. 


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